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February Virtual Training


February 05, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
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Finding That Needle in the Haystack

Recent Experiences with Physical Evidence

A fraud examiner walks into a victim’s home and sees piles of papers stacked to the ceiling on the dining room table.  In another case, the starting point for a fraud examination is a large pile of garbage bags that are full of seized documents that have gone moldy sitting in a storage unit.  Where to begin?  In this presentation, we will look at lessons learned in two recent fraud investigations cases. 

The first case study will walk through a $2 million embezzlement by a property manager.  The fraud caused a larger $10 million loss by investors.  We will focus on the trove of physical documents that were relied upon to ultimately make a case, and how they were handled and used to inform interviews, fieldwork, and computer forensics.  The characteristics of this type of real estate fraud, and lessons for investors will be discussed.

The second case study will walk through a $90 million bogus investment scheme.  We will again look at how a cache of materials that had been collected by the victim himself were collated and analyzed.  Key clues will be discussed, including leads to documents that were missing from that initial cache.  Colorful twists and turns of the case will be discussed in detail.

Attendees will learn:

  • An approach to structuring documents in proper chronological or thematic order, to better understand the available evidence.
  • How to recognize fraud clues in what may be absent or missing from a cache of materials.
  • Practical methods for investigating two types of real estate and investment frauds.


About The Speaker

James Tunkey CFE is the New York office head and Chief Operating Officer of I-OnAsia, a global risk management consultancy.  James’ team in the Americas has handled 5,000 assignments since 2004 in critical areas of Due Diligence, Crisis Management, Security Services, Corporate Investigations, and Litigation Support.  James holds a TRIUM MBA, jointly conferred by NYU Stern, the London School of Economics, and HEC Paris.   James has been a Certified Fraud Examiner since 2003.  His fraud investigation work builds on his international experience and skills as an analyst of large and complex data sets.  James has always enjoyed “following the paper trail”.  Very early in his career, James clipped articles for the Asian Wall Street Journal, managing its Beijing bureau’s library.  In the mid-1990s, James worked with a key source to turn a trove of local newspaper clippings into one of the most successful asset recoveries in history, recovering over $2 billion that had been siphoned out of a country by its dictator.



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